A German prosecutor who gets caught up in the networks of old Nazis during his investigation of Nazi crimes. The psychogram of an upright man in the 1960s and a nation that did not want to know about its past. German history very close to the abyss?


“We emigrants had our holy errors. That Germany lies in ruins has its good side, we thought. The rubble will be cleared away, then we will build cities of the future. Bright, wide and people-friendly. […] Then came the others, who said, “But the sewage systems under the rubble are still intact!” Well, and so the German cities were rebuilt as the sewers demanded. […] What do you think can become of this country? Do you think it can still be saved? […] Take the first Bonn years! No Wehrmacht! No policy of strength! Now look at the current policy and the emergency laws! Put on a ruler, if you like. Where does it point? To the right! What can come out of it in the extension?”

Fritz Bauer, 1903-1968

From: Gerhard Zwerenz, “Conversations with Fritz Bauer,” in Streit-Zeit-Schrift, VI,2,
September 1968, pp. 89-93, here pp. 92f.


Documentary film about the Hessian Attorney General and initiator of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial Fritz Bauer. Underpinned by excerpts from a television program in which Bauer denounces the failures of the young Federal Republic in the 1960s to come to terms with the Nazi past, Bauer’s life unfolds in a skillful montage of archival images and testimonies from companions, especially his involvement in the investigation of Nazi crimes. At the same time, it is an oppressive portrait of the era of the economic miracle, which reacted to the subject of the Third Reich with massive repression.


Date & Time
Date: 9. December 2021
Time: 10:00 am
Original version in German language
Duration: 97 min.


Written and directed by Ilona Ziok

Editing: Pawel Kocambasi. Assistant editors: Olmo Pini, Carolin Mader. Cinematography: Jacek Blawut. Sound: Manuel Göttsching. Mixing: Hansi Jüngling. Production management: Myriam Abeillon. Documentation: Dr. Thymian Bussemer. Editing SR: Dr. Michael Meyer and Andrea Etspüler. Producers: Manuel Göttsching and Ilona Ziok, CV Films Produktion in co-production with Saarländischer Rundfunk, SR.

Actors and actresses/ contributors:
Fritz Bauer
Manfred Amend
Horst Bingel
Thomas Harlan
Ralph Giordano

Trailer (YouTube)

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