Note: Since your movie is not available in English, a subtitle track must be available in English.

*Note: If films are accepted for the festival and screened by us in the cinema, they must be sent as DVD, USB stick etc. after the judging.



General terms and conditions

I/we hereby acknowledge the conditions of participation and confirm that I/we have created the content of my/our work myself and that I/we have not violated the rights of third parties. The depicted persons agree with a possible screening. I/we grant permission to the organizers of the …-Film Award to copy the films/contributions for archive purposes and to use them for non-commercial presentations (additional events, competition website, etc.). Any copies sent in will only be returned on explicit request (please enclose return postage).
Please confirm the General terms and conditions

Conditions of Participation

By submitting the entry, the entrant agrees to the following conditions:
The entrant is the owner of all relevant rights to the film ( pictures, sound) and indemnifies the organizer from third party rights.
The submitted film may be shown in excerpts and in full length at the festival and at the award ceremony on 10 December 2020, as well as excerpts at press conferences in the surrounding area.
The submitted film may be shown in full length – after consultation with the rights holder and/or the distributor – within the framework of film presentations/film talks at (non-commercial) public events, such as seminars of the BUXUS STIFTUNG / BERG INSTITUTE.
Film excerpts and filmmakers can be seen in the transmission/recording of the award ceremony, which will take place on 10 December 2020 in Bochum and may be broadcast live on television or the Internet or recorded and broadcast in full or in excerpts with a time delay.
Only contributions “Non Professional”:
The film prize-winning and other nominated non-professional productions can be published within the e-learning programs of the BUXUS STIFTUNG and the BERG INSTITUTE, as well as made available online for teaching and educational purposes in password-protected educational portals.

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