Susanne (41) has to travel to Kenya as an EU representative to weigh up possible aid for a village near the Somali border that has been attacked by terrorists. While the bereaved families hope for cooperation on an equal footing, the appointment and the promises made are familiar realpolitik routine for Susanne. But in the process, she realizes too late the repercussions of her appearance with an armored convoy….





Kenya, Africa. SUSANNE (41), Special Representative African Horn (EUSR) of the EEAS, is on her way with a convoy of press representatives under military escort to a village that was recently the victim of a terrorist attack. As the reporters’ gadgets click in the background, she makes promises to the desperate people. After all, they are here to help and represent European values. ZOLA (26), their dedicated interpreter, quickly sees through the fact that Susanne’s platitudes will not be followed by real action. When she confronts Susanne later, an argument breaks out between the two women. On the way back from this visit, a car of the convoy hits a child, but instead of administering first aid, the convoy drives on unmoved. The safety concept does not allow the convoy to stop and help the child.

At first Susanne is unaware of the incident, but when Zola vehemently brings it to her attention, Susanne forces the convoy to stop. After a discussion with the commander, Susanne struggles to make a decision, but Zola talks her into it. Susanne realizes that if she really believes in the values she was selling a moment ago, she must go against the order to continue. She stands up to the commander and demands that the convoy turn around to help. Back in the village, Susanne and Zola leave the protection of their car against all orders. There they are met with savage abuse and accusations. The two women try to placate the villagers and make the child ausfindig.

Finally, they are escorted by the angry crowd to the parents’ house. But with every step, it becomes clearer to Susanne that this accident has not ended well. She gathers all her courage and knocks on the door of the parents’ house. The desperate and angry parents ask her to leave. Susanne offers her official condolences. When Susanne then turns away again, the father demands that she enter. She should see with her own eyes what she has done. This time she does not get off so easily! Susanne suddenly finds herself in the midst of the grieving extended family. She discovers the covered corpse and does not know how to act. Out of overwhelm, she approaches, but the mother gets in her way. Susanne cannot stand the look of the grieving mother. Full of guilt, she breaks down and for the first time asks for the child’s name.

Surprised by this sincere grief, the parents finally step aside. The child’s name is ADISA. Grateful and full of respect, Susanne walks towards Adisa’s body to say goodbye. Later at the consulate, Susanne has to go back to routine and immediately into the next appointment. But she takes the time to say goodbye to Zola – because this encounter has opened her eyes again.

(Source: Filmwebsite (Simon Denda)


Simon Denda


S. Denda lives as a director and writer in Munich and Karlsruhe. After studying directing at the HFF Munich, he realized several short films and commercials.




Date & Time
Date: 10. December 2020
Time: 3:00 pm (short films II)
Original version with English subtitles
Duration: 29 min.

Short feature, Drama
Director: Simon Renata
Written by: Laura Anweiler

Cinematography: Holger Jungnickel. Editing : Martha Ewa Wojakowska. Production design : Eugene Oyoo. Make-up : Stephen Omondi. Costume design : Brian Babu. Sound : David Jalenga. Visual effects: Kevin Fuchs. Sound design: Paul Majer, Laurenz van de Loo. Color correction: Markus "Babu" Baburske. Composition: r Giovanni Berg. Title design: Thomas Müller. Executive producer: Kevin Anweiler, Felix Hultsch, Wenzel Steinmetz (WGF) . Associate Producer: Ledame Sempele, Linda Karuru, Tosh Gitonga, Ezekiel Onyango (FCIA) Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven (die film GmbH) . Associate producer & creative consultant Kenya: Krysteen Savane. Editorial Director BR: Claudia Gladziejewski.
 University of Television and Film Munich: Prof. Andreas Gruber, Prof. Marcus Rosenmüller. Produced by: Walking Ghost Film in collaboration with Film Crew in Africa, die film GmbH, University of Television and Film Munich.

Actors and actresses:
Susanne - Victoria Mayer

Zola - Jackline Wanjiku

Commander - Götz Otto

Father Adisa - Robert Agengo

Bodyguard - Jason Dunford

Driver Susanne - Melvin Alusa

Mother Adisa - Damaris Kentrai

Adisa - Gadson Baraza

Father - Lukas Olaf Becker

Luke - Vincent Kuplien

Kenyan politician - Chris Kamau

Reporter - Nicholas Okwach

Assistant Susanne - Joyce Gachanja

Grandmother Adisa - Rosemary Wayua

Elderly women - Dinah Githinji

Trailer (Vimeo)

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